Essay about The Effects Of Drinking Age On The United States

Essay about The Effects Of Drinking Age On The United States

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Drinking age in the United States has always been extremely controversial since 21 seems to be higher than a lot of the other countries. The age 21 was argued to be kept because there are still a lot of horrifying everyday news such as “Columbus Police Bust Underage Drinking Party, Find 16-year-old Girl Unconscious” (McAdams) or “Parents of Teen Killed in Crash Assail Father over Underage Drinking Party.” (St. George) Nonetheless, I think we should perceive this issue in three other perspectives— MDLA 21 is not efficiently preventing underage drinking behavior yet causing an increase amount of binge drinkers and law breakers; MDLA 21 prevents adolescents from seeking help when things go wrong; MDLA 18 can actually help the teenagers to learn how to drink responsibly as a long term goal to lower the high rate of under influence incidents.
“Lanahan told Stahl Gordie lay passed out on a couch for nine hours, until someone called 911 for help. ‘Gordie died alone in an empty room with his friends surrounding him. And it 's just very preventable. Just inexcusable,’ Lanahan told Stahl. Gordie died of alcohol poisoning.” (CBSNews) The college freshman died not only due to binge drinking but also the neglect from his friends since it is so common for college students to get wasted and they don’t want to get in trouble. According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, college drinking occur to four out of five college students. More than 90 percent of the students who drink also do binge drinking. It is “a pattern of drinking that brings blood alcohol concentration levels to 0.08 g/dL. This is around 4 drinks for women and 5 for men in about 2 hours.” Not just death but also assault, sexual abuse, academic problems, drunk ...

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...tually strengthening the adolescents’ tendency to be free from the authority and high expectancies on alcohol built in early childhood. MDLA 21 has to take responsibility for triggering binge drinking which is truly harmful to teenagers’ brain development. It is indeed terrifying to see news such as— “USC Student Found Dead Days After Party—The assistant dean for Student Affairs called Oct. 12 ‘the worst weekend of the semester’ after seven people were taken to the hospital for drinking too much alcohol. One girl suffered a head injury after falling from a table at a Sigma Alpha Epsilon party.” (Cocca) Therefore, if we lowered the minimum drinking age to 18 so teenagers can learn how to drink responsibly like the Europeans in an early age through their mimicking behaviors which Dr. Baird advised, America sure can acquire a better and happier society like Denmark.

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