Essay about The Effects Of Divorce On The United States

Essay about The Effects Of Divorce On The United States

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The quote above refers to finding the roots of problems, instead of just being preoccupied with secondary issues. For example, to stop a drug problem, one would set out to find the root of the drug abuse. In the same way, measures like that should be taken in account when dealing with the prevention of divorce. Divorce is a rising problem in the United States, but instead of making it more difficult to get a divorce, laws should be made to provide a premarital education program, in order to potentially prevent a divorce from happening prior to marriage. One of the most discussed consequences of divorce, is the effect that it has on children. Studies have shown that children whose parents have animosity towards each other due to divorce, are much more likely to have failing grades, and even get involved with crime, when they are older. (Masci, 24-40). Some lawmakers have the idea that making divorce difficult for couples to obtain is a good idea and will act as a deterrent. It has been said that divorce is more stressful than losing a job, being bankrupt, or even going to jail. (Fineman) The fault with this mindset, is that in some cases, making divorce more difficult could prevent an abusive or unhealthy relationship from ending. This approach of making divorce more difficult to obtain is simply impractical, since it gives light to a marriage that was doomed to fail. Since divorce was extremely tedious to obtain, No-Fault Divorce was created to solve this growing problem. The problem occurred when the divorce rates spiraled out of control, in the 1960’s. No-Fault Divorce is a method of divorce that allows one party in a marriage to end the marriage without reasons or consent of the other party. It was intended to alleviate some o...

... middle of paper ... completely take out No-Fault Divorce. This should not be the case. Like the quote on the first page reads, problems need to be solved by finding the root of the problem. Many roots of the problem of divorce, is the fact that, many couples go on to a marriage without being compatible to live together for the rest of their lives. The easiest solution to all of this, is to institute premarital education, which would ensure that couples would, at least have a greater chance of making a more intelligent decision regarding their marriage. All problems need to be solved by means of starting at the roots. One of the largest and and most talked about consequences for divorce, is the negative effect it can have on children. The root of the problem, is the issues that the couple had before they even became married. The answer is not hack at the leaves, but to pull the roots.

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