The Effects Of Divorce On Children 's Counseling Groups Essay

The Effects Of Divorce On Children 's Counseling Groups Essay

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She was just about pulling her hair out. Divorce was not fun and this particular one was becoming her own personal horror story. Their fighting had become physical so she was ordered to attend battered women’s counseling groups. These groups were beneficial though, teaching her not to let his harassment bait her and that there was safety in numbers. So, the night he decided to call thirty-five times within an hour and a half as she chose not to answer the phone, she called her best friend to come over and help her cope with the never-ending ringing of the telephone.
They made an odd looking pair of best friends. She was barely over five feet tall with short dark hair and the other just missed six feet by a hair with long flowing curly blonde hair. Best friends they were though; together so often that if one was out on the town without the other she was questioned as to where her partner in crime was. So, of course she was going to be there for support during this night of harassing phone calls.
When the number of calls reached 40 the tall one had also reached her limit and answered the phone herself. This was not the voice he expected to hear so he began barking questions as to his wife’s location. Not being one to toy with, the tall one answered his loud questions with “I believe she is no longer your wife or obligated to answer to you, but she’s out and about at the moment and unreachable.”
“Who is this?” he grilled the question through the phone and her response was that it was no longer his business who was answering her phone, be it man, woman, or child. “This must be that Amazon bitch she’s been running around with lately,” he yelled through the phone hoping to offend the woman on the other end of the receiver.
She’s not eas...

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...our ears because you obviously didn’t listen when we talked about this. Grow some nuts, and learn how to be a proper father. Don’t let your six year old answer the phone when your date is calling, and teach him enough respect to know it’s not nice to question adults this way. I really hope you know better with the next woman you meet because this one is done.”
The silence at their table was deafening; only to be broken when the Amazon’s boyfriend laughed with “Wow, girl, no need to be so hostile.” Leaving her to pause a moment, then begin to laugh in response “So I guess we can call it a Society now. We have an Amazon Bitch, a Psycho Bitch, and I guess I would be the Hostile Bitch.” With that the Society of Bitches was born and added to as other women joined their strength and support to the first three, proving the “Strength in Numbers” theory over and over again.

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