Essay on The Effects Of Discrimination On The Workplace

Essay on The Effects Of Discrimination On The Workplace

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It’s amazing the progress that has been made in the last 50 years. It’s crazy to think that so many years ago today people were judged on their race or age so frequently and with disrespect. I also think that discrimination is alive it is not even as close to as bad as it used to be. I do feel that some employers do still discriminate on some things I just think they are more careful about how they go about it. I know that the EEOC probably receives a ton of cases to look over because you can’t eliminate something like this for good. I think that rules just need to be in place to ensure that diversity is throughout the workplace. I feel like human resource departments and anybody that deals with the hiring and firing of employees need to well versed on the practices set forth to try to control bad things from happening. The regulations have to cover a broad range of discrimination in the workplace. Back 50 years ago I feel like it was mostly based on the color of someone’s skin, then I feel like women were brought in the mix, now in the news I feel like there is something different every time.
There are so many ways that employers can be in the loop with the new laws and regulations as they change. There are educational tools everywhere. I feel like that has been the change over the years is the access to information for not only the employer, but the employee. If the employee is informed of the policies that are accepted and not accepted, then most employees will file complaints if they feel they have been discriminated against.
Living in Arizona all of my life I have been around a lot of different cultures and I have heard a lot of stories that happen right here in the state that I call home. Just recently there was a story abo...

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... wrong decision and not help your success rate as a company.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission needs to continue to keep doing a lot of things that they are doing in today’s society. They need to continue to educate employers and employees on what is accepted and what isn’t accepted. As time change they need to keep everything up to date. They need to continue to handle lawsuits the right way so that everybody who was mistreated due to discrimination will be rewarded properly. I think the future of Equal Employment Opportunity will never fall off and will always be a big issue. Every year there will be numerous businesses who will continue to have problems due to not following the Equal Employment Opportunity Rules. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission should continue to collect data to stay on top of trends happening and make the necessary changes.

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