Effects Of Disabilities On People With Disabilities Essay

Effects Of Disabilities On People With Disabilities Essay

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People with disabilities aren’t different in a morally relevant way. Throughout society we label people and classify them according to behavior and abilities. There are a lot of controversies with people with disabilities. Some of the problems that people with disabilities face are; finding jobs, and socializing with others. Some facts that I am going to highlight are the history behind disabilities, what is being done in society today to help, psychological standpoint and views, perception, and facts and opinions behind this topic. In my essay, I will argue how people with disabilities aren’t different in a morally relevant way.
The history behind people with disabilities in 1973 section 504 passed under the handicap children act labeling them as disabled. Section 504 is labeled for the rest of one’s life. The employers know it, professor, and teacher knows before they even meet the individual. It’s like self-labeling someone without getting to know that person. In 1990 ADA was passed protecting the rights of people with disabilities.
Overall thorough history things have changed, however we still label people with disabilities. Whether is sitting at a lunchroom table, taking with friends, or a person comes up and joins in on the conversation. Even if its just an empty chair in class, I think we as a society can do better to help and treat others equally. As Rawls says the greatest good for the greatest number. For people with disabilities there is problem for what is the good, what is morally equal. Rawls take a utilitarian approach and defines justice is fairness. What is fair for people with disabilities? Are they being mistreated? Can we fix the problem in society and be the generation that ends...

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...anize all of the possible outcomes and make the decision and or act based on the best decision. I have a friend who has OCD, she works at the bookstore, and she used to organize the money handed back to the customer. It wasn’t because it was mandatory, it how she was and saw things. Rule utilitarism is what is morally correct the greatest good for the greatest number. For example, someone using the handicap bathroom while a handicap person needs to use it. That is morally not the right thing to do. however, if people start to do this more often it can become a habit and not a moral rule. Some people only do that if the other stalls are taken and the physically disabled aren’t there, which is understandable. To conclude my argument people with disabilities aren’t morally different. They need accommodations and equipment, but they aren’t outcast in society.

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