Essay on The Effects Of Daytime Sleepiness On Children

Essay on The Effects Of Daytime Sleepiness On Children

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A survey revealed that most people sleep less hours than the recommended hour given and have sleep difficulties and sleep pattern problems. According to Damien Leger, Virginie Bayon, and Alice de Sanctis, the author of The Role of Sleep in the Regulation of Body Weight, “Having a regular good night sleep is recommended as one of the major requirements for good health in children, but also in adults” (1). Having a good night sleep is essential for the body to function properly and for the brain to develop well. After students’ sleep, they are likely to perform better when it comes to memory task. Also, the amount of sleep that a student get determines how he or she performs the next day. Because sleep is essential for the body, it means that sleep also participates in health regulation. There are several reasons and causes of daytime sleepiness which has a major impact on the actions and lives of people among ages.
Insufficient sleep at night are cause of bad sleeping pattern. Reasons why students are not having enough sleep, especially at night, are because of academic and employment activities. According to Melisa Moore and Lisa Meltzer, author of The Sleepy Adolescent, “After going to sleep late because of academic and extracurricular demands, adolescents then have to wake early for school start time, resulting in insufficient sleep”(115). As students’ ages increased and as they go to higher level their home works increase which can cause a later bedtime on both school and non-school days. Students have to study for their lessons and exams all night, so they can get a better grades. This causes the students to have a shorter sleep and get sleepy during daytime. Most students have a part-time work after school or during non-scho...

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...t. As age increase, the total sleep time and sleep pattern changes. Sleep affect our health, daily activity, and safety. The majority of adolescents do not have a proper sleeping schedule. Also, students are not getting the recommended amount of sleep at night which results in daytime sleepiness. Insufficient sleep were caused by bad sleeping patterns and habits, and different activities demand which can affect our daily action. It is important to have a proper sleeping pattern and to get the recommend amount of sleep or sufficient sleep at night to be able to perform and focus on a given task properly. Individuals must know the importance of getting a good night sleep. One must know how to have an everyday sleeping schedules that he or she can maintain. To get a good night sleep, one must know how to avoid everything that will cause him or her to stay up all night.

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