Essay about The Effects Of Daycare On Infant And Toddler Development

Essay about The Effects Of Daycare On Infant And Toddler Development

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I researched the effects of daycare on infant and toddler development. This question is important to me because I was not put in daycare, but my grandmother would babysit me while my parents worked. My mother says that sometimes she wished that she would have put me in daycare. I was curious to find out if being cared for by close family as a young child affected my personality. I was not consistently around children my own age until I was enrolled in preschool at four years old, and I wondered if this could be why I am shy and quiet today.
The majority of the articles that I read were biased one way or the other, but there were a couple of articles that explored both sides. Most of the articles only explored the negative consequences of daycare. “The Great Daycare Debate” focuses on daycare weakening the bond between parent and child, but it says that “We put up with these disadvantages because daycare makes possible parental work -- the trade-off at the core of the daycare bargain” (P.S. Taylor, 2004). Another article, “Daycare Linked to Higher Illness Rate in U.S.,” lists the most common illnesses that children in daycare experience. Although this is an old article, the research has stayed the same over the years. “Gastro-intestinal illnesses - diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain - are much more common in children in daycare than among those who are not” (Beck, 1986). Along with gastro-intestinal illnesses, children in daycare have an increased risk of acute upper respiratory illnesses, otitis media (ear infections), bacterial meningitis, and cytomegalovirus disease (CMV) (Beck, 1986). Daycare has also been found to affect children’s personalities and temperaments. “New research indicates that children who are in day ca...

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...yes they would have and 53% said no they would not. Several mothers also provided their reasoning. The majority of mothers that said yes explained that daycare was beneficial to their child(ren)’s developing learning and socialization skills, while the mothers that said no mostly said that they would feel more comfortable if their child(ren) stayed home with them. I was surprised with the information that I gathered because it is quite different from the majority of the articles that I read about the subject.
During my research, I read an article that mentioned the difference between full-time (greater than 30 hours per week) and part-time (less than 30 hours per week) daycare regarding the severity of effects on children. Is there a difference in the development of a child that spends 28 hours per week in daycare and a child that spends 32 hours per week in daycare?

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