Essay about Effects of Daycare on Children

Essay about Effects of Daycare on Children

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In the earlier years of a child’s life it’s crucial that the child gets the care and attention they need. For children to receive the best care and attention it’s best they stay home with their parents because it’s more influential on their development. However, in order to make a living parents need to re-enter the work force which then leaves them with the decision of which care would be best. This being said, most parents are left with the only option of sending their child to daycare. Being that the parents are left with such option the most important factor they need to take into consideration is the quality of the daycare not price or convenience. Even though daycare may be convenient and cheap the quality could negatively affect children.
For the longest time, women would stay home with their children while the men went out and worked. The women were able to bond with the children, create attachments, and help the children develop physically and mentally. They were also able to give the children the care and attention they needed. As the nineteenth century came around daycares were opened so these women could be of help during World War II. However, after the war had ended women were able to go back to being stay at home mothers. As the years passed our economy made it harder and harder for women to stay home. Women were left with one option and that was placing their children into daycares, whether it was beneficial or not, so they could work.
Now in the article, How Early Child Care Affects Later Development, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development administrated a study to conclude if long term child care effects a child’s cognitive and social-emotional development. In order for them to come to suc...

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... are affected by both temperament and daycare. Researchers called their participants on the phone and where able to recruit one hundred twenty-four children. Each participant, upon arrival, had been separated from one another until the procedure had started. Two children of the same sex where then paired together and placed into the playroom for about twenty minutes. These play sessions were videotaped through a one way mirror and then later on analyzed through scales designed to measure social behaviors. Once all the data was collected and analyzed researchers were able to conclude boys who just begun daycare show aggressive behavior due to overstimulation and also that daycare decreases a child’s social behaviors whereas at home they are increased. It had also been proven that a child’s temperament was an important factor relating to the child’s social behavior.

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