The Effects Of Day Care On Children Essays

The Effects Of Day Care On Children Essays

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Everything a child hears, sees, watches, eats and drinks affects them. The most important of all is the environment a child grows up in. The environment they grow up in shapes a child’s personality and behavior. For most children they do not have a choice but to grow up in the environment of a day care. Some children have no choice but to go to day care, because it’s a parent’s only choice. The children would wake up every day and leave their mother to go to daycare for more than eight hours a day. In most cases, parents think that the only way for their child to succeed and learn is to go to day care. Parents don’t take into consideration the negative effects that day care can have on a child. Day care affects a child 's physical and mental state. Sending a child to day care puts their behavior, personality, social skills, development and safety in jeopardy every single day.
Any given child could attend day care for more than forty hours a week. More than half of those children are under the age of four (Lang 1). More than 1,000 children spend more than twenty-seven hours in non-maternal care. All of those 1,000 children were under the age of four. Almost all the day cares that children are placed into don’t meet the standards that should be met to keep a day care functioning. Half of the children who attend the poor standard day cares are infants (Rohwer 1). During a study they found that more than twelve million American infants, toddlers, and preschool aged children attend day care. The younger the children are, the harder it is for the child to adjust to the environment of day care. Also, they are the most vulnerable to the negative effects of day cares. It has the longest lasting effect on them (Lang 1). A study was done ...

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...negative effects on children. Many children spend more hours in day care than they do in their own homes. The hours children spent at day care can have negative effects on the children’s behavior. They have a higher chance of becoming aggressive. Lack of parental care as a child can cause a child to have less social and emotional skills. A child becomes insecure if they don’t have constant love and nurture from an adult. Children can develop negative personalities and behavior due to the lack of constant affection from adults. They develop these negative habits due to long hours spent in non-maternal care. Children that were raised home-bound showed to have a significant outcome in their independence and maturity. Day care can cause more harm for a child than it could do any good for them. Overall raising a child at home has the greatest outcome for the child.

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