Essay about The Effects Of Dairy Farming On The Environment

Essay about The Effects Of Dairy Farming On The Environment

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1. Introduction
Other researchers, including Foote, Joy, & Death (2015) , Bain & Dandachi (2015)have identified that the intensification of dairy farming has the potential to degrade water-ways.
1.1 What question will be answered?
Through this study the researcher will look at Taranaki as a case and answer the research question:
What aspects, if any of the WAC Mission Statement may be applicable to Taranaki?
1.2 Why is it interesting to the rest of us?
There has been a recent report claiming that ‘our streams and rivers show good to excellent water quality on most measures’(TRC, 2015b), however an article by Joy (2014) would appear to be at odds with the TRC report conclusions. The public are very interested in the quality of the Taranaki waterways and are not sure what to believe.
2. What is already known?
This study will focus on the quality of the waterways in Taranaki and the perception that degradation is occurring from the increasing intensification of dairy farming, where the total number of dairy cows in New Zealand has increased by 1,071,504 cows (27.8%) from 2003/04 – 2013/14 (LIC & DairyNZ, 2014).

This study will draw on aspects of the New York watershed water supply system which is made up of a complex network of reservoirs, aqueducts, tunnels, and pipes, all managed by the Watershed Agricultural Council (WAC). WAC is a not-for-profit organisation that works with farm and forest landowners in the New York City Watershed region to provide high quality, yet unfiltered water to the nine million residents of New York City.

The New York WAC Mission is relevant to this study as New York had previously faced water quality problems similar to Taranaki but managed to overcome pollution type issues by developing a sustaina...

... middle of paper ...

...left many customers questioning the validity of the claim, for example, after Fonterra’s Clostridium Botulism scare in 2013, the official Chinese newspaper Xinhua wrote “New Zealand’s “100% Pure” tourism slogan is becoming a “festering sore,” saying buyers of Kiwi goods are losing faith in its clean, green image’.(Brockett & Wither, 2013)
2.3 WAC Mission Goal - Water Quality
There is a public perception, and there are numerous scientific papers, such as Blackett, (2004) and Foote et al. (2015) that suggest that the issue of intensive dairy farming and it’s perceived impact on the waterways is important to many parties, including the community, lobby groups and businesses.
Whether the perception of ‘dirty dairying’ is true or false, (yet to be determined) if accepted by our global business partners, has the potential to cause severe damage to New Zealand’s economy.

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