The Effects Of Cyber Bullying On Schools Essay

The Effects Of Cyber Bullying On Schools Essay

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The Effects of Cyber Bullying in Schools
A safe learning environment is essential for all students. When violence, harassment, intimidation and defamation are part of the student’s daily life, it can affect the students overall health and well-being. In today’s digital era, children as young as 6 years old have at least one form of technology as a viable form of communication. Keeping people connected at all times and no matter the distance can be beneficial for most. For some it presents an opportunity to victimize. Cyber bullying is a new trend among young students in today’s schools. It is harder to identify than traditional bullying. This new form of bullying has no boundaries and it can occur anywhere, making cyber bullying challenging for parents and educators. In order to keep providing a safe environment for our children to learn we must be able to understand cyber bullying, and know what we can do to minimize this type of behavior in our schools.
Correlations Between Bullying and Cyber Bullying
Violence has decreased in schools today. With the decrease of physical violence in the school yard, a new form of intimidation has emerged known as bullying. Students whose identities differ from the mainstream, such as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender are more commonly affected (Nieto & Bode, 2012, p. 128). Bullying is defined as “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance”. It includes making threats, false rumors, verbal attacks, and exclusion from groups (U.S Deparment of Health and Human Services, 2012). Throughout the years the use of technology and social media has also increased. The misuse of the internet has opened the door for bullying to morph into wh...

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...udents need to be instructed earlier on password, safety, security and sharing information on the internet. Reviewing digital citizenship can not only help prevent cyber bulling, buy it can also help detect it.
Dr. John S. Atlee said: “We live in a world where power is very unbalanced.
Power imbalances are at the root of most social problems. Correcting power imbalances will go a long way towards solving many problems at once”. Bullying and Cyber Bullying continue to a major problem in schools today and affects all of us. Administrative, student and parent training can help put a stop to it. The use of technology will continues to be the preferred method of interaction, therefore we are all responsible for educating ourselves and others in order to be able to provide high quality education for all and promote a safe learning environment for our children.

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