The Effects Of Culture On The Quality Of Family Interactions Essay

The Effects Of Culture On The Quality Of Family Interactions Essay

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Several important themes emerged through this study. These themes are gender and family roles, family structure, and the effect of culture on the quality of family interactions. They will be discussed in the follow pages.
Roles explain what expectations are assigned to it (White 1994:75). People can fulfill multiple roles, picking and choosing which ones they want to play. White (1994) suggests that “one could say the person makes the role and the role makes a person” (75). This shows the signficance roles play in identity formation. In the interviews, participants expressed that they felt pressured to fulfill roles by family members. However, the participants picked which roles thye want to play.
Family roles
Gender and family roles play an important part in identity formation. An individual’s perception of family roles and occupations, which are both influenced by gender, can affect the development of her identity (Farkas and Leaper 2015: 221). The research participants in this study expressed little concern about their roles in the family but when it came to gender roles, they show some deviance. This shows that family plays a signficant role in individuals maintaining roles and expectations that benefit the family. The interviewees, all daughters in this case, are expected to be loyal to the family. Amanda expressed that she pressured herself to attend the daughter and granddaugther duties such as cooking for her grandparents and washing dishes because she believes it is her duty to do so out of respect to her family (Amanda, Interview, May 12th, 2016). Although, those duties can be considered gender roles, Amanda demostrates that it is more of a family role.
Stressing filial piety, Ama...

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...ionship among all members. When asked about her family hiearchy, she expressed:
My parents work together a lot. My mom doesn’t expect my dad to do anything. She wants him to do whatever he wants. Dad has never been like “where’s dinner” to mom. You know that saying “happy wife, happy life?” Yeah, my dad really believes in that. (Amanda, Interview, May 12th, 2016).

Also, her family has a Yahoo group where members can discuss family matters and that kids are not excluded from the discussion. Amanda did not show any resistance or disapproval of this family structure and even said she wants something like it (Amanda, Interivew, May 12th, 2016).
It seem as though with immediate families, interviewees are quick to challenge who actually should be at the top of the family hiearchy and how they want to identify with more of a fair representation of the family structure.

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