The Effects Of Crime On Televisions And On Newspapers

The Effects Of Crime On Televisions And On Newspapers

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When it comes to media the majority portion of the written and broadcasted news is related to crime. Since crime is a vital part in media, studies were performed to examine the extent of crime on televisions and in newspapers. When it comes to the level of crime that is reported one method is to analyze the undertaking content analysis of newspapers. In 1959, Deutschmann’s study found that anywhere between 10-15% of the stories selected in Ohio and New York newspapers were focused on crimes. In 1980 Graber’s study found that this percent had risen to 22-28%. Another study by Deutschmann shows that crimes in newspapers range anywhere from 5-30%. According to Chiricos, Hogan, and Gertz believe that newspapers reporting crimes has risen more than 400%.
Television news are where you can find crime information easily. In 1977, Graber reported that the local television broadcast roughly 20% percent of their news about crimes and the national news broadcasted roughly 10%. In a follow-up 12-13% of television news focused on crimes. Hofstetter in 1976 reported that 16-19% of news was strictly devoted to crime. In 1988 Surette found that 10-13% of national news was crime related while 20% of local news focused on crime. In additional studies it was found that crime was around 10% of stories (Lowry, 1971) and 13-18% of the broadcast time (Cirino, 1972).
Crime information can also be found in the media when it comes to entertainment programs through fictional programs and through reality programs. Fictional programs in 1953 according to Dominick’s research in 1978, broadcasting time in relation to crime was as low as 7% however in 1975 it reached a high of 39%. Surette in 1998 thought that anywhere from 20-40%of the prime-time programs f...

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...dly, when the offenders were not caught may influence other individuals to commit the same offense. Lastly, Winkel felt that viewers would generalize from the response prompted by the program to other responses that was not in the program.
The media has the potential to enhance crime prevention. However, analysis suggests that the media needs to assume some blame for the continued failure when it comes to policies that deal with crime. The media is not generally educated when it comes to the criminal justice system and crime policy and this influences their failure. The media also does not hold politicians accountable for their actions and therefore the politicians do not change and the public will not have the information needed to make an informed decision. Crime prevention will suffer until the media starts holding policymakers accountable for their own actions.

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