Essay on Effects Of Corruption On Australian Political Institutions

Essay on Effects Of Corruption On Australian Political Institutions

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Political corruption is a major issue in political science whose definition requires careful analysis and evaluation based on available evidence from multiple points of view. The two academic articles chosen for this paper include Balachandrudu’s (2006) paper on the nature of political corruption and McAllister’s (2014) paper on the effects of corruption on Australian political institutions. Balachandrudu (2006) provides a detailed analysis of the constituents of corruption, its various definitions, and the implications in the democratic Indian society as a case study. McAllister (2014) utilizes a quantitative approach to measure and analyze corruption using bribery and perceptions of the people through extensive surveys. I would like to present a comparative analysis of the two papers in light of their concept definitions, operational definitions, variables used to measure Political Corruption, and their similarities and differences.
The concept of Political Participation has been treated differently in each of the articles by their respective authors. The major differences in concept definition, variables, and indicators used are presented in the following table:
Article #1
Article #2
Article title
Understanding Political Corruption
Corruption and confidence in Australian political institutions
Concept definition
Political Corruption is the process by which a select group of elite individuals in power make use of official methods to gain unlawful accumulation of wealth, property, resources, and power for themselves, their relatives and friends, and their supporters
Political Corruption refers to the set of processes and methods employed by a group of political actors, who use their lawful mandate to gain power to ...

... middle of paper ...

...ion of corruption among Australians. However, this is not enough to conclude that the two variables are dependent on each other strongly. Also, the use of anticipated levels of Political Participation is a very subjective measure of actual Political Participation, which is heavily dependent on the subjective nature of each individuals’ attitudes, opinions, and preferences.
Overall, I can state that both articles attempt to exercise the operationalization of the concept of Political Participation using functioning of the nation through good exercise of official power (Balachandrudu, 2006) and using perceived levels of Corruption and personal experience of bribery (McAllister, 2014). Balachandrudu (2006) is rather vague in narrowing down the operational definition, while McAllister (2014) could make use of better indicator for actual Political Participation.

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