The Effects Of Corrective Action On Students And Parents Are Held More Accountable For Their Education

The Effects Of Corrective Action On Students And Parents Are Held More Accountable For Their Education

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In today’s education world, students and parents are held more accountable for their education costs even though the price continues to rise. Due to this fact, some students are opting out of additional education. In the year 2009, only about thirty five percent of eligible students, aged 18-24, attend some type of higher education after high school (NCHEMS Information Center, 2016). There are many reasons for this, including cost, education level of the student, and their families’ background.In order to America to maintain the status as a leader in education, these millions of students and their talents will need to be encouraged to attend college.
Recently, the Obama administration has increased the amount of funding the Federal Government gives to students through the Pell Grant and loans. This was done in hopes of attracting students who come from lower income situation. Unfortunately, State governments took that to mean they could decrease their funding to schools. This was not the federal government’s intention. Corrective action should be taken against states who have decreased their funding. If they already have a certain percentage of their budget dedicated to education and scholarships, they should be required to at least maintain that level of funding. The intention of the increased funding for Pell Grants was to encourage low income students to continue their education. If states are taking their funding away, then students have no more encouragement than they did before the increase in Pell Grant funding. State governments that decrease their funding should be reprimanded and given quotas for the amount of funding that they are required to maintain for higher education purposes.
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...sity is a difficult task because many of them have limited income, do not feel prepared to take on a college level work load, and have no intention to attend additional schooling. Forcing state governments to continue contributing their previous level of funding, before the Obama administration increased Pell grant funds, will encourage those students with lower income to attend college. In order to encourage students who fear their academic ability is too low, colleges can offer remedial education to boost their ability. Students who are potential first generation students will be the most difficult to encourage because they have no drive to attend college in the first place. Providing them with a mentor who was also a first generation student and is now in college, who can explain the benefits as well as relate to them, is one way to change the student’s view.

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