Essay on Effects Of Consumer Protection Act And Employment Standards Act

Essay on Effects Of Consumer Protection Act And Employment Standards Act

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Effects of the Consumer Protection Act and Employment Standards Act
All around the world there are laws made by municipal, provincial, and federal governments that are made to have a positive impact on its people. If you decide to rob a bank, or decide to hijack a vehicle, there are serious consequences due to the law. These laws positively impact our society by giving our society safety, but do laws such as the Consumer Protection Act, or the Employment Standards Act also give us a positive effect? Both of these acts are made up of many different parts, and I will be going through parts of both acts in this essay.

Consumer Protection Act Part I - Information
The products or services you sell, and how and where you do business, will determine what information you must provide to consumers” . For example, if you are buying a product online, they must send you an e-receipt with the information about the product, price, date, etc. This part of the Consumer Protection Act has a positive impact, since both parties know exactly what they are getting into, and you can never have too much information. This prevents confusion, and makes sure there are no misunderstandings.

Consumer Protection Act Part III– Unfair Practices and Unconsciousable Representations
Unfair practices mean misleading or having a misrepresentation of a good or service. Suppliers have to be honest with the customer, as it is against the law to lie about your goods or services. Making false or misleading statements will not only get you reported to the BAA and you’re your good or service negative word of mouth, it can also get you sued. If the consumer has been led into an unfair practice, the consumer has one year to withdraw from the agreement. This also has...

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...n pay. The Employment Standards Act does not require for the employer to give a reason as to why the worker is being let go. Termination pay does not have to be given if the employee has participated in misconduct or disobedience of the company. This part of the Employment Standards Act has a positive impact, because it allows the employee to look for another job before the employee gets terminated. This also allows the employee to receive extra funds in return of being terminated due to termination pay.

In conclusion, even though every law passed was made to have a positive impact, some may turn out to be negative. The Consumer Protection Act has many positive impacts if you plan to own a business, or even in general, though the Employment Standards Act, however, has some positive impacts and negative impacts to society, or if you plan to work in Human Resources.

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