Effects Of Concussions On The Classroom After Sustaining A Brain Injury Essays

Effects Of Concussions On The Classroom After Sustaining A Brain Injury Essays

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Brain injuries where something my parents worried about when I was growing because I played numerous physical sports; I didn’t worry about the repercussions of high impact sports or what could have happened. Now as a professional educator, I worry about my student’s educational ability due to a brain injury they may acquire or may have been born with. Why is a brain injury so important for educators to recognize? What happens to that child in the classroom after sustaining a brain injury? Does it affect only the student’s metal or physical abilities?


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is defined when the brain is disrupted from its normal function by a blow to the head, jolt to the head, or a penetrating head injury. (Sports-related Head Injury, 2014) This is when the brain bounces around the inside of the skill like a pinball machine. Imagine if you had a medium ball of play-doe and you place this item into a hamster ball; now shake the hamster ball as hard as you can a few times. After several shakes, retrieve the play-doe and place it on the table. Ideally, this example was to simulate what happens when fragile brain tissue is pounded into the skull.

When receiving a TBI the brain bounces against the inside of the skill. This leads to different parts of the brain moving at different rates, which the force of the impact can stretch and tear nerve tissue. (Menon, 2015) When this occurs, it can throw off the balance of ion and chemicals to the brain that can damage nerve cell functions. Fiber nerve cells can eventually heal but, if they are severely injured this could lead to permanently loose of their ability to transfer messages and signals with other brain cells. (Menon, 2015)

The structure of the brain is v...

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... for a brain injury, the doctor will use any information provided to determine the circumstances if the individual needs a neurological checkup or MRI. The doctor will conduct a checklist until examination is over for a treatment to be provided. One of the steps a doctor will check is for signs whether the pupils constrict normally in response to light. Getting CT scans and/or an MRI will help shed more light to determining the diagnosis, forecast, and deciding the proper treatments to administer. (Zink, 2001)

Once diagnosed with a TBI, what happens from there? Now imagine you are in elementary, middle school, and high school. Having a traumatic brain injury for students can lead to difficulty taking test, problems with complex thinking or directions, and learning new skills and information. Students with TBI will need to have special accommodations to have growth.

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