The Effects Of Concussions On Sports And Afl Essay

The Effects Of Concussions On Sports And Afl Essay

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Football also known as AFL is a competitive full-contact sport played between two teams which accompany the risk of injury especially head injuries and concussions due to the nature of the game . Although the rules and laws of the game have changed since the beginning to make it a safer environment and field of play for players, there will always be the chance an injury is obtained through accidental contact or abnormal movement. Concussions have recently become a hot topic in sport and AFL due to the increased number being witnessed in the game and the lack of knowledge about the short and long-term effects on player’s health and success in AFL and life as a result of multiple concussions during their career. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that may or may not involve loss of consciousness which differs in severity depending on impact which impacts proper brain functioning and causes temporary brain dysfunction due to damaged brain cells and tissue . It is caused by a sudden jolt of acceleration and deceleration of the brain bouncing back and forth against the skull caused by a sudden blow to the head or a hard fall . During some players, AFL career they may obtain multiple concussions which are concerning for the players general health and wellbeing both short term and long term. There is sufficient evidence to suggest multiple concussions are negatively impacting various areas of the player’s life and career as an AFL footballer. Players may experience reduced performance due to impaired cognitive abilities which have a wider disadvantage on the team itself, they may increase their risk of gaining degenerative diseases and health issues in the long run and disadvantages on their personal life in terms of social and fin...

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...oms they obtain, negative effect on playing ability and prevent the individual from playing or training for a period of time. The more concerning issue is the long-term health of the player cannot be guaranteed due to the lack of evidence and research on concussions. Suggestions of long-term health effects include social issues amongst relationships, financial hardship, the risk of developing degenerative diseases, mental health issues and deterioration of memory and cognitive abilities. It is certain that much more research is needed on concussions to answer these uncertainties in short term and long term health of AFL players. Education on the risk associated with concussions to medical professionals and athletes plays a key role in the prevention and treatment of concussions and more research is needed to safeguard the health of current and future players in AFL.

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