The Effects Of Concealed Firearms On Society And Crime Rates Essay example

The Effects Of Concealed Firearms On Society And Crime Rates Essay example

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In the United States of America, there is much debate about the effectiveness and practicality of concealed firearms. Many citizens today are trying to support their claim with old, outdated evidence and targeted research to attempt to prove a point, but can not escape the truth. Although Concealed firearms may sound appealing to reduce crime rates and stop violence, new evidence suggests otherwise. Recently there has been trends of certain lunatics who own guns that decide to shoot innocent people, justifying the need for more strict gun control laws. The purpose of this paper is to educate and inform about the immensely important topic of concealed firearms, with focus on what effect it has on society and crime rates. We will go over modern statistics versus older more biased statistics, the practicality of carrying a gun in public, and why society functions safer without unskilled gun-wielding citizens. Also, this may serve as insight or an update into why some statistics should not be trusted.
Many people’s knee-jerk reaction to hearing about gun rights is to reference the second amendment which states, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Kruschke 5). Although it seems straightforward, the US constitution leaves a sort of ‘grey area’ when speaking of concealed firearms in public, the second amendment speaks of militia related interest, not self-defense related interests. The second amendment defines the right to keep a firearm in a household, which was normal for the time; but the ever-changing world and constant threat of shootings means we should leave it to police officers to handle crime. One major argument, howe...

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...ted” (Schwarz 2). Rape is not a “run out of the bushes naked with a mask on” sort of thing. Sexual assault usually occurs between two acquaintances, whom a rape victim would not shoot in the first place; and plus, rape usually occurs at parties with alcohol, once again, a bad place for guns.
A concealed firearm can mean normally one of two things, a bad intention, or a good intention. Overall, firearms are used more than any other weapon in the United States for armed robbery or murder, and that could only worsen as time expires and new laws are passed. The significance of these points covers some main topics, safety of society, safety of the house, and safety of the schools. In all cases, concealed carry only worsens the crime rates. It is an old generalization to believe more guns equals less crime, but if we all put down our guns we could find a little more peace.

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