Effects of Compensation on Health Essay

Effects of Compensation on Health Essay

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Compensation plays a huge role in many areas of American society. One of the most important, may be the health of the individuals living in our society. The amount of compensation an individual receives can have a great impact on the individual’s health and the health of their family. Things like income, quality of health insurance, amount of stress, and quality of food consumed are all factors that could contribute to the overall health of a person. 4
Income will many times determine whether or not a person goes to the doctor. Whether for preventative reasons or because an illness has already taken place regular doctors’ visits can insure the health of an individual. If a person’s compensation includes health insurance, their expense at the doctor’s office can be much more affordable then if they do not. This does not mean that they can afford to go to the doctor. There is always some expense. Many people are unable to budget in unforeseen expenses such as medical needs. Jeff Larrimore discussed the effects of income on health in his article titled “Does a Higher Income Have Positive Health Effects? Using the Earned Income Tax Credit to Explore the Income-Health Gradient.” In his findings he stated, “Although I did observe a correlation between income and self-reported health, I found no evidence that increases in income significantly improve self-reported health statuses.” While he did not find a correlation between income and self-reported health, there is possibly a correlation between income and unreported health. There would be no clear record of a person’s health if they were not able to afford the medical attention they need.
Insurance is a factor in the health of Americans. Most companies are required to offer insur...

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