Effects Of College Drinking On College Campuses Essay

Effects Of College Drinking On College Campuses Essay

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Alcohol is consistently a concern on college campuses today. The effects that college drinking can have on students can be very dangerous. With the growing of underage drinking, many colleges have decided to implement new polices prohibiting drinking. College drinking can be linked to many things, such as sexual assault, inappropriate behavior, and poor academic standings.
College students tend to have trouble when it comes to determining blood alcohol concertation and this can result in the overindulgence of alcohol and poor decision-making. The poor decision-making that students face can be the result of the lack of a fully developed brain. Because, the adolescent’s prefrontal cortex does not fully develop until around mid-20s is a theory of why college students partake in risky behavior, such as drinking. Although the in the Life-Span Human Development textbook does not directly discuss drinking in college, it does discuss decision making of adolescents. The textbook discusses how the adolescent’s brain is not yet fully developed which can be the answer as to why students make poor decisions when it comes to alcohol ( ). It discusses how the need for reward that adolescents face cause them to perform in more reward-seeking behavior. In the brain, the neurons of the frontal lobe are the last to become myelinated which is important because the frontal lobe is responsible for thinking and decision-making (Sigelman & Rider, 2012). The changing that is going on in the brain impairs the ability of adolescents to think through their consequences before they seek their reward (Sigelman & Rider, 2012). As a result, overdrinking is a common mistake for many students. Many studies have been performed to analyze the risk of decision...

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The more students understand the consequences of drinking, the more likely it is that drinking habits can be reduced or even prevented. From the studies discussed, the focus is on alcohol consumption among college campuses and strategies that can be implemented to prevent drinking. Although, these policies may work to an extent, the availability of alcohol and peer pressure will not allow these polices to excel, but many colleges have implemented policies that can reduce alcohol consumption on campuses. However, further research needs to be done in order to offer the most effective prevention method for underage drinking and what affects the brain during the adolescent years. This topic is very important for future research because it can allow students to become aware of how to keep themselves and others safe from the consequences alcohol can have.

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