Essay about The Effects Of Cognition On Social Perception

Essay about The Effects Of Cognition On Social Perception

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Cognition has a major effect on social perception because it influences how we perceive things. Depending on how our cognition develops it may effect the way we shapes our view of our surroundings. Our cognitive development, According to Piaget, has four stages. These stages develop as we age developing unique characteristics. Along with those stages we develop the concepts of accommodation, assimilation, and schemes. As we age and our cognition develops we also start to see a deeper side to how and why things happen. Another thing that influences our social perception is the social status in where we develop cognitively.
Cognition’s Influence on Social Perceptions

Our cognition influences our social perceptions. It influences our social perception because depending on what is learned while being raised is how we perceive if behaviors, actions, and objects are to our acceptance. Yes, our social perception is affected by our cognition but our cognition is also affected based on the stages we have reached. According to Piaget, a developmental psychologist, from birth until age twelve we go through four cognitive stages. Those four stages are also accompanied by adaptation with subcategories of assimilation and accommodation. It also contains schemes in which our perception is shaped
The first stage in Piaget 's theory is the sensormotor stage. This stage occurs between birth and 24 months and states that a toddler learns via their five senses (Crendall,p.213). They learn to distinguish themselves from objects. They realize they can cause actions so they act more through their motor skills. They learn to manipulate things by pulling, picking up, and moving. In this stage they also develop the sense of object permanence. Object per...

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... the target of police brutality. Since we see that our minority group is being targeted we develop a sense of protection for our kind. We are angered by what we see and begin to act. This is where protest come into play and sometimes can become violent. We also begin to dislike police and think or scream “Fuck 12”.


Piaget 's theory does explain how a child cognitively develops. Our cognition develops in four different stages. These stages are sensormotor, preoperational, concrete, and formal. Even though these stages explain how a child cognitively develops it has limitations. These limitations include parents, egocentrism and conservation, and they play out through all the stages. An individuals cognitive development can effect how they perceive their surroundings. Social climate also impacts how an individual develops both cognitively and behavioral.

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