The Effects Of Clothing On The Clothing Essay

The Effects Of Clothing On The Clothing Essay

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I. Attention Getter: The weather is getting chilly and you start switching up your summer clothing to winter clothing. During the process, you realize some pieces of clothing are small, getting old, out of trend, or you simply don’t like it anymore. You pick out the ones that you plan to no longer wear and toss them right into the trash. When it comes to old clothing, most people throw away the clothing without realizing how one piece of clothing can greatly benefit someone in need. K.I.D.S, Kids in Distressed Situations, is an organization that delivers clothing, accessories, shoes, home furnishing, toys, books, school supplies, and other items that can help you make better use of your unwanted goods.
II. Credibility Statement: I, myself, often throwaway decent clothing because they’re small or because I don’t like it anymore. I realized that these clothing can greatly benefit the others in need so I started researching methods and organizations to make a great use of my clothing.
III. Relating to the Audience: According to Care2’s article about textile waste, “An average American throws away about 65 percent of clothing per year, and along with other textiles that gets thrown away, such as sheets and beddings, the total sums up to 14.3 million tons of textile waste per year.” ( There are many ways out there to help children across the world or even in your own neighborhood by donating your unwanted clothing, textiles, or materials through the organization, K.I.D.S.
IV. Thesis Statement (we should clearly hear your two MPs, the problem and your proposed solution for that problem) There are children in difficult situations where they cannot obtain proper apparel that will lead to absence in school and poor health. Your ...

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Transition: Throughout this presentation, I have shown you the harmful effect of clothing waste and the beneficial alternatives, such as donating, which can help many children in distressed situations.


I. Restate Thesis: Many children in distressed situations believe clothing is very important to their lives because it gives them the opportunity to receive education and not be ashamed of themselves. Give these children a chance to view the world like we do by donating few pieces of your clothing.
II. Closing Statement or Clincher: Next time you check your closet, also check if there are clothing you haven’t worn in a while. Sending your clothing to children in distress lifts their spirits, gives them hope that their lives can be like all the other children and lets them know that someone cared enough to give them something valuable to them.

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