The Effects Of Climate Change On The Well Being And Lifestyle Of A First Nation Community

The Effects Of Climate Change On The Well Being And Lifestyle Of A First Nation Community

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The article being analyzed in part 1 of this report is titled “The impact of climate change on the well-being and lifestyle of a First Nation community in the western James Bay region”, and was published in the 2013, winter issue of The Canadian Geographer.
The course concepts addressed in the article are varied. Primarily the study focuses on the effect of climate change within isolated northern communities in terms of the health and lifestyle of community residents. However it also touches on environmental and economic issues that have arisen from climate change in the area studied.
This study is involved with many aspects of Canadian geography. On the broader scale the study looks at how human ecology, that is how humans interact with their natural or social environments, has been affected by climate change. Specifically, it takes an integrated approach to understanding the challenges posed by climate change in remote northern communities, of those living on aboriginal reserves. The study first establishes the physical changes in the local landscape of the James Bay region (i.e. rising sea levels and seasonal temperatures), as well as changes within the animal population (i.e. changing migration patterns).
The bulk of the research however is concerned with how those changes challenge the relationship with the local population in terms of their overall “well-being” (both as individuals and as a cohesive community). In measuring “well-being”, researchers studied the impact of climate change as it has affected economical realities of residents, food insecurity, and transportation within the community. These issues were interconnected, for instance, in terms of food insecurity the community was struggling as changing temp...

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...ocal and specified view of its negative impact on individual livelihoods. It is both refreshing and eye opening to look at the issue not in terms of future consequences, but those that are happening in real-time, and furthermore, is important to the cohesive understanding of climate change within Canada. Moreover, as discussed by Jeff in lecture, issues surrounding the aboriginal peoples of Canada are a common source of contention, specifically as aboriginal reserves are often the sites of extreme poverty. As demonstrated in both the academic and non-academic literature, climate change is posing a threat to indigenous communities, and in ways worsening this existing poverty. The study of this subject is therefore important to the survival and advancement of these Canadian communities, and is in that way key to the study of Canadian geography as discipline.

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