Essay about Effects Of Climate Change On Human Health

Essay about Effects Of Climate Change On Human Health

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There are many impacts of climate change that cause stress on human health. These impacts can be through direct exposure or indirect exposure. In either case these effects are caused by human development causing vulnerability and destabilization environmentally, socially, and economically all over the world. One specific location that is being effected most harshly by these added exposures is the island country of Funafuti, Tuvalu. This paper will discuss the extent of direct and indirect impacts as well as the ongoing adaptation and mitigation efforts in addressing the problem.
Direct impacts of climate change on human health can be defined as any act that occurs to the human body due to the climate system that is harmful or stressful. Some of these impacts on human health could include heat stress, flood, drought, and increased frequency of intense storms (Watts 2015). The indirect effects of climate change threatening human health can be described as the subsidiary affects of the climate system on the body. This can include the spread of disease vectors, food insecurity and under-nutrition, displacement, and metal ill health (Watts 2015). These impacts have caused a wave of damages however; they are only proposed to get increasingly worse. Only those that are prepared and able to reduce exposure will overcome these hardships.
One specific current example of a country that is being most effected by both direct and indirect impacts of climate change on human health is the island countries of Tuvalu. The island of Tuvalu is home to about 10.5 million people. Of the island states that make up the entire country combined they emit only 0.06% of the global green house gasses however; they are among the most vulnerable to climate ch...

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Overall, the Tuvaluans are building off the good with the hopes that they can change what is happening to their country. There are both direct and indirect impacts of climate change on human health through sea level rise, sanitation, and migration. Instead of dwelling on the loss of their homes and culture they are taking steps through adaptation measures to address the problems and move towards the future. What is happening to the people in Tuvalu is because of human activity and in return is the direct cause of the human health impact that they are experiencing. This climate crisis is a wake up call for the rest of the world. Those who are most vulnerable to climate change and human health issues are in many cases those who contribute the least. The Tuvaluans should not be forced from their culture and lifestyle because of climate change they have no part in.

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