Essay on The Effects Of Climate Change On Canada 's Arctic

Essay on The Effects Of Climate Change On Canada 's Arctic

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Climate change has been a growing issue in Canada’s arctic that the nation has seen over the past few decades, and protecting the arctic environment is crucial task that needs to be exercised. Though strategies have been developed in prior years, Canada’s arctic is now facing severe consequences of climate change more than ever, and it is vital that future strategies are made to be effective enough to minimize the threat of climate change. After examining many potential policies that could be beneficial to help diminish the negative effects of climate change in Canada’s arctic, I have discovered three prominent ones to address in this policy brief. The first policy I am analyzing is having Canada sign the Paris Agreement. I then will evaluate a policy in which Canada signs the Paris agreement, but will also put a restriction on offshore oil and gas drilling to take place in the arctic. The third policy I am addressing involves Canada signing the Paris agreement as well, however, Canada is to work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, set target dates, and develop green technologies in order to do so, therefore switiching to low-impact renewable energy. The third policy proposed is the one that I urge the Prime Minister of Canada to administer in Canada’s arctic, as it is the most effective and suitable policy.

Canada’s arctic has evidently suffered from substantial climate change, resulting in devastating impacts on all systems in the north. Many climate models indicate that these significant changes will only progress in the future. The monitoring of temperatures in the Arctic have demonstrated that, over roughly the past 50 years, there has been a warming of about 2 to 3°C as of 2009. The average temperature in the arctic has in...

... middle of paper ... once. I urge the Prime Minister to adopt this policy in Canada as it is the most beneficial, logical, and efficient one, and it allows Canada to fight climate change in the arctic without neglecting the use of resources.
To conclude, climate change in Canada’s arctic is a growing obstacle and is a crisis that cannot be overlooked. The government of Canada needs to act quickly and efficiently on this increasing issue in order to save the arctic. Though the policies of signing the Paris Agreement, and banning the extraction of oil and gas in the arctic in addition to signing the Paris agreement, it is recommended that the Prime Minister of Canada endorse a policy which includes signing the Paris Agreement and works on reducing greenhouse gas admissions, setting target dates for the reductions, as well as developing green technologies to make this policy attainable.

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