The Effects Of Chronic Asthma On A Child Essay

The Effects Of Chronic Asthma On A Child Essay

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Many people in this world are plagued with all kinds of illnesses. Some may have it temporarily and for the others it could last a life time. The purpose of this paper is to focus on children specifically who have chronic asthma and what it means for them when it comes to physical activity. Also, the goal is to get a better insight by interviewing someone who has a child that is dealing with chronic asthma.
In order to further investigate exactly how chronic asthma can affect a child, I chose to interview a relative of mine whose son has exercise induced asthma. Exercise induced asthma is a form of chronic asthma. The person’s name is Adriana Villarreal and she lives in San Antonio, TX with her son. He is just one out of millions of kids that are dealing with asthma.
Chronic asthma is very common amongst children under eighteen and it affects over 7.1 million of them as of today (Asthma & Children Fact Sheet, 2014). Ms. Villarreal’s son, Daniel, has been affected by exercised induced asthma ever since he was five years old. As a result of this, it has restrained him from participating in any high level of physical activity for the past four years.
People who are asthmatic have inflamed airways within their lungs which makes it more sensitive than normal airway passages. This sensitivity makes them more susceptible to their environment and other triggers (Learning more about asthma, 2015). When an asthmatic encounters a trigger, their passageways can swell and tighten up which makes it very hard for air to pass through. This can result in coughing, wheezing, or a full blown asthma attack.
Daniel’s trigger comes in the form of exercise. I asked his mother when she starting noticing the signs and her response was “Ever since ...

... middle of paper ... nose, to take brief rests during exercise, and to make sure he cools down at the end of it (Ben-Joseph, 2014). Another piece of advice would be to not let him participate in anything vigorous, especially when starting out and to realize his limitations.
Although chronic asthma affects millions of children, research shows that physical activity can be beneficial. The purpose of this paper was to focus on children who have chronic asthma and to find out whether or not they could participate in physical activity. The interview that was conducted also provided great insight because it allowed me to get a better grasp on an actual child that experiences exercise induced asthma. The end result that was acquired through research proved that even though asthma can be lifelong, it does not mean that there should be a lack of daily physical activity the entire time as well.

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