The Effects Of Child Labor On Children Essay

The Effects Of Child Labor On Children Essay

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“Global number of children in child labor has declined by one third since 2000, from 246 million to 168 million children. More than half of them, 85 million, are in hazardous work*”. We have all at one point seen or read an article of young girls and boys being abducted or simply forced into manual labor. Many reasons have been given as to why child labor occurs in these foreign countries such as: poverty, low pay, and unskilled work. These foreign companies or sweatshops find it easy to simply abduct poor and uneducated children, and force them into slavery for little to no pay and horrible working conditions. This is because there is greater demand for low skilled, and low cost labor that employers prefer to fill with child labor, instead of having to deal with more expensive and less flexible adult employees. Throughout the years there has been an increase in the supply of child labor mainly because of young kids in the early age of education deciding to drop out of school and help their families financially. Poverty in many cases becomes the main cause for children to drop out but it has also been reported that costly school fees, and lack of educational resources in rural and countryside areas are some main reasons. China has always been put under the spotlight for being one of the top nations in the world to use child labor, and by no means try to enforce their laws to stop this. There have been many cases in China were workshops are raided and hundreds of abducted children forced into slavery are found working under horrible conditions and against there will. The problem is that China’s government does not have to disclose to the public about their child labor reports. This makes it unclear to know exactly how many children...

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...their only expenses would be in food, and so they can be living close to the factory if not in it. Just as their working conditions, their living conditions do not get any better. Some of these factories are built inside small houses where they use the first floor as a working area and the second floor is used for the workers to sleep. At times children have to share their room with up to ten people. Since labor agencies sometimes pass by to visit these towns, the children are not even allowed to leave the house or factory during the day, because somebody might see them. So these 12-17 year olds are forced to stay inside a home with over twenty people for days and days, they are not allowed to go out to the streets, and can only eat whatever food is given to them there. This is obviously no place for a child to grow and experience their most important years of life.

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