The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children Essay

The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children Essay

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There are moments that shape a person and the paths they take in life. For many people, childhood is a happy period full of great memories. For those who are abused, their youth fuels a lifetime of explosive moments. The effects of child abuse appear to be long term. They ripple out touching every part of the victim’s life. Some statistics reveal that adolescents who do not receive affection from their parents during early childhood are more likely to use drugs and to be aggressive as they mature. Children who grow up in homes where parents use overly strict discipline become prone to antisocial behavior. Mental health experts have found that abused kids experience mental and social problems across their life span. The negative effects range from substance abuse to damaged personality. They suffer from other social problems such as depression, suicide attempts and self-injury.(Siegel, 2008) There are a variety of Criminology Theories that clarify what triggers criminal behavior in some people. Aileen Wuornos was a victim of extreme abuse and neglect. Genetic Theory, Personality Disorder, Neutralization Theory, and Social Learning Theory may explain how her explosive childhood fueled the Damsel of Death, the woman that killed 7 men.
In June 1954, Aileen’s biological parents eloped. Leo Arthur Pittman was 17 years old. Diana Wuornos was 14 years old pregnant with their first child, Keith. Keith was born in March 1955. Leo was controlling, abusive, and had several affairs. Diana divorced him in November 1955. He never knew about his daughter, Aileen Carol Pittman who was born February 29, 1956. Leo Pittman was a career criminal and joined the army rather than serve jail time. He stayed in the Army until October 1957. In 1959 he ser...

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...ictims, saying they would have raped and killed her if she had not killed them. With Denial of Responsibility, the violator often claims “it was me or them”. Aileen said several times that if she had not killed the men, they would have raped her and killed her. Violators also deny the victim by saying “they had it coming.” Aileen Wuornos neutralized her wrongdoings by maintaining that the victims had it coming. Her final interview was full of condemnation of the condemners. Aileen often said that the world, the police department, and everyone involved in her case were corrupt. She believed the police knew she would kill. They allowed it to happen, making her a street sweeper. She believed everyone wanted to make money off of her story. Aileen Wuornos was convicted and sentenced to death for six of the murders and was executed by lethal injection on October 9, 2002

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