The Effects Of Changing Gender Roles Within Families Today Essay

The Effects Of Changing Gender Roles Within Families Today Essay

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For this essay I will be discussing the effects of changing gender roles within families today. The purpose of this paper is to gain a greater understanding to the every changing roles within gender roles in today’s world.
Over the decades there have been many things females have done to better themselves and their families. One of these amazing things females have done is implemented themselves into the work field. Even though females have done so much, they are still not considered equal to men within the work field. Within many companies men hold the title for the leadership positions. This includes both private and public sectors and almost every rung on the career spectrum. Men also receive more pay than females (GenderAcrossBorders, 2016).
Females make up nearly half of the workforce today. Females are considered to be “equals” within the workplace. In fact females in four out of ten families are the main source of income. Statistics show that women also receive more college and graduate degrees than men. Although, there are some issues, on average women are making much less than men are. In the year 2015, females who worked full time jobs made only 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, this is a gender wage gap of 21 percent. On average, females are earning less than men in nearly every single job occupation for which there is great earnings data for not females and males to calculate an earnings ratio.
The IWPR (Institute for Women 's Policy Research) takes note of the gender wage gap over time in a sequence of fact sheets that are updated two times each year. According to their research, if this pace does not change or remains the same as we have seen it do over the past fifty years, it will...

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... roles and tasks within the home. Men do outside work, while women do the laundry. Research shows that nearly thirty eight percent of women have an issue with how much help they are not getting from husbands. This makes it harder for women to feel they can seek out certain jobs or careers due to the things going on within the home (Faqs, 2016).
Today affects tomorrow and tomorrow is our future. When people are able to be themselves without discrimination and the male/female scale changes on an internal and external level without the worry of being judged, will democratic and fairer societies become realistic (Milojevic, 2008).
In conclusion, there are many different factors that play a role within ones culture, gender, child rearing, house chores, ones work environment, and pay. All of these things affect not only our own lives but the society as a whole.

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