Effects Of Cell Phones On Students 's Education Essay

Effects Of Cell Phones On Students 's Education Essay

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Cell phones have become a growing problem in educational institutions, as they pose a threat to student’s education. The negative impacts they create when used during a lesson are catastrophic. Teachers and professors are now trying to prevent the usage of these devices, as teachers know how harmful they are to a student’s education. However, the debate is whether teachers should be allowed to defer the usage of theses device in the classroom for the sake of the student’s education. Since there is an immense amount of data behind the use of theses device and the damaging effects they have when used during school. As they impact the scholar using them and the students who are surrounding the device as it can emit distractions.
Cell phones have become one of the most powerful pieces of technology invented. It gives one the power to text, call, video chat, take photos, explore the internet, and much more all in the palm of the user’s hand. Although there are several functions for these devices, they can pose a serious threat to a student’s education. Cell phones being allowed in the classroom have become one of the most controversial topics in education. Thomas and McGee (2012) As Cell phones distract and obstruct one from focusing on the task at hand. These devices have been labeled as more of an enemy or menace for schools across the nation. Teachers are struggling to control the increasing usage of these devices in the classroom. Although there are benefits to using these devices, there are also several strong negatives. Such as the correlation of a lower grade in a course, and decreased recall rates of a lesson while these devices are in use. Cell phones can also emit very disturbing sounds that can inhibit the student’s educati...

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...when allowed in school. The effects, when used in a classroom, can range from the decreasing of one’s overall grade, and negative recall rate of a lesson. Another negative effect of Cell phones is they can emit several sounds and lights that can distract the user. The lights and sounds emitted can also distract other pupils in the learning environment and negatively affect their learning as well, because it can break their focus. In addition, this why teachers should have the ability to confiscate these devices when they observe them in use. As they have already attempted to control these devices and have seen only positive effects from doing so. In conclusion, school systems should ban cell phones and grant teachers the ability to confiscate these devices when observed because student’s overall success in the classrooms is becoming at risk because of these devices.

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