The Effects Of Cell Phones On Human Life Essay

The Effects Of Cell Phones On Human Life Essay

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The evolution of technology has indisputably had tremendous positive benefits and its impact is notable in almost all aspects of human life. The original purpose of technology was to assist humans in accomplishing task that would be hard or even impossible to carryout otherwise. However, Technology has become an invasive burden that deems the humans as the obsolete object in almost all situations. In this essay we will focus on the effects of cell phones and how it has established a false sense of reality or in other words a faulty connection with reality, and thus obstructed the vital learning process and the overall well being of individuals. Have texting and social media damaged this generation’s ability to communicate in person? One of the things technology has robbed this generation is their ability to learn effective communications.
The development of a cell phone was to allow individuals to connect with one another when immediate contact was not an option. On the surface the device seemed like it was harmless and rather could be something quite helpful. However, cell phones are being used as a device to escape in person interaction. What is the harm in that? Well for one, cell phones have robbed this generation of their ability to learn effective communications. The unnecessary burden of in person communication was actually what allowed individuals to adapt to their social context by observing certain social cues and body language used in certain environments. Some argue that you can get all the benefits of an in person meeting over text but this is false. We have noticed that many of us tend to send text messages rather that writing letters to each others, or talk to one another in person, because technology is what creat...

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...e a kiss to her daughter, a text will make her feel like if its happening. When family can’t come attend your special occasions a text will warm your heart.
“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein. In the quote famous scientist Albert Einstein’s warns us on the effects of having technology impede on human life and the question becomes is the trade off for an easier life worth becoming slaves to technology. Technology has made our society make it to the point of ignorance, to the fact that one day all this technology will not work and we would feel like if we can’t live anymore. We have grown to make our life’s easier with the use of the internet and technology. Although technology can be beneficial for us too, there are so many negative aspects to technology and how we use it.

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