Essay The Effects Of Cell Phones On Class

Essay The Effects Of Cell Phones On Class

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Lack Of Education

Cell phone is the main cause of distraction in class. During a lesson, students who use cell phone in class will get distracted and also they waste their time instead of understanding the lesson. Consequently, they will receive a low grade and get failure. Not only students who use their cell phones will get distracted, but also rest students in class will be influenced by students who use cell phones in class. Some students annoy other students by texting or sending message to them, so they cannot concentrate on teacher 's lecture and get a low grade as well. Another factor can cause distraction in class is ringtone. When cell phone rings during a lesson, it usually interrupts teacher 's ideas and makes him upset, and also waste part of class time. Using cell phone in class is not an appropriate concept and also it decreases the learning capacity for students. Using cell phone in school is the main cause for student 's failure and also certain students will be invaded their privacy by other students. Students between the ages of 13-17 do not recognize to use cell phone with appropriate approach, so parents should prevent their children from using cell phone inside their school. When students use cell phone inside a class, it influences on them adversely because inside a class, they spend all their time in texting message to each other or watching videos instead of concentrating on teacher 's lecture. In addition to that, they record videos and take photos for both teachers and students for negative purposes. Although cell phone is a useful device, a large number of students use it to harm other students and to be enjoyable instead of focusing on their studying. Though cell phone is a useful device, a huge numb...

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...oes this not seem like an obsession? People cannot put their phones down. I have seen people who have to be without their phone for any amount of time and it seems like their entire world is going to crumble. People seem to be getting the validation from social media that once reserved for their family members and friends. You can watch the enjoyment that people get when they get a like on their social media of choice. Opposition to this topic feels the opposite, that social media does not make people less social and in fact gives people more ways to connect with people and especially those that are far away from them. Social media is causing students to be distracted from doing their school work. In most classes where students have access to computers, they are accessing social media sites instead of having their full-undivided attention focused on their instructor.

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