The Effects Of Cell Phones On Children Essay

The Effects Of Cell Phones On Children Essay

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The new "glorious" invention of cell phones seems to make lives easier, but they aren 't as great as people make them out to be. Cell phones were first invented in the early 70s (Szumski 17) and have since evolved into a deadly weapon, causing all sorts of health and safety issues including cyberbullying and brain tumors. Cell phones have also been linked to behavioral problems in teens and children, even without the facts it is easy to look at this generation compared to 20 years ago. This generation is more worried about their phone rather than an actual human being. When walking and on their phone someone bumps into another person and drops their phone, they check to see if their phone is okay and then afterwards say sorry to the person. Teens are also more immature when it comes to using a phone for simple things like talking. For example; teens have taken bullying to the next level.

Compared to the negative effects, there are limited positive effects cell phones have: When a call is made to a dispatcher for 911 calls, they use the GPS receiver chips to pinpoint the caller 's location. If there is not GPS technology in the older type cell phones, the dispatcher can still use the address of the cell tower and the broad direction of the call and try to triangulate the location. Verizon and AT&T have built increasing numbers of cell towers in rural areas to try to make places have better reception (Booker 1). With good reception, dispatchers can pinpoint the location of the caller in 15 seconds, and people with smartphones with the GPS technology have the most accurate mapping results (Booker 2). Mobile phones can also be used for 911 calls at the scenes of car accidents, and when you are not around land line phones. Smart p...

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...tions of all time, their negative effects surely outweigh the positive. Sure cell phones are an easier way to communicate and have many useful applications, but they have also become very hazardous due to the irresponsible behaviors and dangerous health effects. There have been multiple laws made as a result of the immature uses of the cell phone and have made people develop a closer relationship with their phones rather than actual people. Also, while they are useful, cell phones have become the number one cause of distracted driving. Cell phones have become a useful and a major impact on daily life for everyone. Now that we have them and allow them to be a part of our activities, it will be very difficult to get rid of them. There is already research and studies proving that the cell phone is addictive and causes withdrawals when the person does not have it on them.

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