The Effects Of Cell Phone Distracted Driving Essay

The Effects Of Cell Phone Distracted Driving Essay

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Cell phone distracted driving has become as dangerous as alcohol and speeding resulting in fatal and serious injury crashes. Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said Monday her office will begin mandating cellphone monitoring devices in some texting-while-driving cases prosecuted by her office (Newsday). She further states “Studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other organizations that show driving while texting makes it 23 times more likely that the driver will crash and six times more likely to cause an accident than driving while intoxicated.(Newsday) This is an unbelievable statistic. According to (Distraction) 71% of young adults have said they have sent a message while driving and 78% have said they have read a text while driving. New York State law states that you can’t text and drive and yet people choose to ignore. If you break the law and get caught texting while driving points will be added to your license. Most drivers don’t associate using the phone when driving as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Many highways have signs that say don’t text and drive it’s the law. There are also signs indicating rest stops so you can pull over and text. There should be more signs: it will help educate the drivers. Another way to point out and drive home the terrible causes of texting and driving is to mandate a 2 hour session where drivers have to listen to stories of victims of accidents as well as watch videos showing the accidents. The worst punishment for anyone would be living with the guilt that you killed someone sending or reading a text that could have waited. What a driver thinks is only a quick second could be a lifetime of sorrow for the family member who lost someone t...

... middle of paper ... to encourage drivers to put down their phones while driving. They are promoting, “Getting people to use #X and put down their phones in the car is part of AT&T 's campaign "It Can Wait," whose goal is to discourage people from texting while driving, a dangerous distraction linked to thousands of accidents each year.”(CBSNEWS) By texting the #X just before driving will alert family members and friends that you will be unavailable for a while.
I think that we need to continue to find ways to stop texting and driving. Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice is on the right path to preventing distracted driving. Hopefully these percentages should go down. There shouldn’t be any excuse about people losing their lives when they are supposed to be living it. One little thing can you change your life forever so put down the phone it is not worth the five seconds.

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