The Effects Of Celebrity Culture On Society Essay examples

The Effects Of Celebrity Culture On Society Essay examples

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There are a large variety of people in the world and they all care about certain issues to varying degrees. Celebrities fall well into this category. People fall between two ends of the spectrum when it comes to celebrities. Following them as die hard fans and caring for them on unimaginable levels, or could care less about them because they are people just the same as you see in your everyday life. Regardless of how someone feels about celebrity culture it is nearly impossible to argue against the fact that they are of huge relevance in our society. As with most things, there are upsides and downsides to this celebrity, "normal person" dichotomy we have created. These are regular people having such huge pressures and power over large masses of people. It 's not as if they were born to have their lives scrutinized by people at every waking moment however, that is the reality. Throughout my essay I will focus on why celebrities "coming out" about their mental health experiences have an impact on our society. In order to answer how beneficial these experiences are.
Gabriel Tarde 's Laws of Imitation describe imitation and repetition to be universal reasons for social cohesiveness. (Stack, 1987). Not strictly used as social aspects but also biological and physical. I will be focusing on the social aspect and not the other two. Tarde talks about Social Imitation and that; internal factors are imitated before external factors, and imitation works through a top-down system. (Stack, 1987). Meaning, other 's personal ideals and beliefs are imitated before expressions. And, the imitations of people and systems who are seen as superior are imitated before those who are believed to be inferior. None of this is done consciously or planned by...

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...rities could possibly be a substitute for that if you have no one around.
Another benefit of celebrities sharing their mental illness stories goes with the saying "no publicity is bad publicity." Although there may be negative depictions of certain mental disorders out there, the fact that they are brought up could be beneficial. Even seeing a poor example of certain mental disorders for example, Brittney Spears going through her tough time and shaving her head. (Janangelo. 2010) Can cause people to look into what is going on with them and learn more about the disorder itself.
In reality there are both positive and negative aspects to celebrities sharing their mental illness experiences. In my personal opinion I believe the negatives outway the positives because celebrity culture is corrupt. However, I can see that there are many benefits to celebrities doing so.

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