The Effects Of Carbon Dioxide On Earth Essay

The Effects Of Carbon Dioxide On Earth Essay

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The atmosphere provides many important functions to our earth and life here. Earth’s keeps human life safe from harmful UV rays and without the atmosphere humans, animals and plants would not be able to breathe. The atmosphere’s composed of many gases, but the majority of the gases are Nitrogen and Oxygen. These smaller trace gases play large roles and are important for life on earth. Carbon Dioxide is a highly important trace gas. Co2 is a greenhouse gas that is made by dying plants and the burning of fossil fuels. It is removed by the ocean and photosynthesis, a process used by plants to convert light energy into chemical energy.
Human and plant life need Co2 to prosper and grow. Overtime, with human advancement and change in the atmosphere, Co2 has risen more now than it had in the past decades. With this rise, there has been many effects on earth that have occurred from it. Both have beneficial and harmful results. The question is, do the benefits of the rise in Co2 outweigh the risk? Comparing the benefits and the disadvantages against each other, readers can conclude that the benefits cannot offset the risk.
First, there must be an examination of the benefits of higher Carbon dioxide. There has to be an examination of not just any benefit that can be acquired from Co2. Individuals have to pay attention to its effects on major components that are important for human life, the environment which keeps that life alive and the atmosphere which greatly affects and controls everything.
As previously stated, Co2 is a natural gas that is produced and emitted into the air. In fact, “95 percent of the CO2 emitted each year is produced by nature” (Mathews Jr, NPA). It is not a dangerous pollutant that is conjured up from man made sou...

... middle of paper ..., water is right there to cause trouble. Water is causing trouble because “Around 100 million people live with 3 feet of sea level and many cities of the world are located near such vulnerable coastal areas.” (Global Warming Facts). With the rise in sea levels “some coastal towns will drown” (Global Warming Facts).
Carbon Dioxide is a natural gas that is our atmosphere. Will it continue to be harmless at the rate it is increasing? With human activity causing an increase, is it still considered natural? This is all up for debate. It is a gas that helps the growth of plants and this will continue to benefit the human race as long as we exist. But if the rise in extreme weather and water flooding will there be a race to feed? If the research was done right, and the facts are indeed facts, Carbon dioxide has and will do more damage to our earth and us than good.

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