Essay about The Effects Of California 's Water Drought

Essay about The Effects Of California 's Water Drought

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Temperatures are at an all time high, the air is moist and sticky, the sky is clear blue and the sun shines bright yellow, burning the skin of Californians in the midst of the worst drought in history. Over the past couple years; California’s water supply has been cut short due to human activity and climate change. The droughts effects are tragic, for there is little rainfall, dried up lakes and farms, endangered fish and a decrease of agriculture growth. The government and many organizations have proposed several laws and regulations to help ensure better water conservation, however the results are not matching up to what is expected. Statistics show more efforts being done but the water supply is still declining more than ever. Many citizens are unaware of how severe the issue is and continue to waste precious water. California’s government should enforce statewide, stricter laws and regulations to decrease water use, in order to show better improvement of the states drastic drought.
The main reason for the cause of California 's water drought is believed to come from human actions. In the article, Causes of California drought linked to climate change, Stanford scientists say, Ker Than tells of how most believe the crisis come from the climate change humans have affected throughout the years as they emit greenhouse gasses more than necessary day to day. Than refers to a new study by Stanford University scientists explaining that, “The dry earth, the raging wildfires and the other symptoms of California 's drought are "very likely" linked to human-caused climate change because of the abundance of greenhouse gases created by burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests.” With the ever growing human-induced pollution, ...

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...ficial directing to spread recognition of California’s water drought is Eric Garcetti. He has asked citizens of Los Angeles to help conserve water voluntarily by reducing outdoor water use and installing better plumbing and faucets to help the cause (Stevens). Garcetti, along with Brown is asking for free-willed people to solely consider exceptional house enhancements that will help save more water. But it is unfortunate that there are still many cities lagging to increase their chances of saving water. In a report, California Approves Big Fines for Wasting Water during Drought, Bettina Boxall expresses how government officials have observed, "even with ongoing encouragement signs, they (Californians) still fail to show better results." This only shows how unconcerned citizens are with the water drought and further supports that voluntary actions are not effective.

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