Effects Of Caffeine On The Coffee And The Tea Essay

Effects Of Caffeine On The Coffee And The Tea Essay

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Topic: “The effect of caffeine”
The coffee and the tea are the two most popular and consumed beverage after water. Centuries before, coffee and tea have been less in amount than food, but they were much frequently and were only in pharmacy available. In 16-the century British Doctors described the health benefits of coffee as “help digestion, accelerate the mind, makes the heart light, and relieves cough and headache.” The now days statistics shows that coffee is mostly consumed in the USA, in the countries of South America and in North of Europe. Tea is more preferable in Asia and in Australia. The popularity is due to the effects of caffeine, an ingredient in the both plants. Caffeine has several effects in our body.
The effect of caffeine is more evident primarily in mental and physical performance. Caffeine acts as a mild stimulant of central nervous system. It excited the cardiac activity, increase the blood pressure and body temperature. It stimulates muscle activity, digestion and duress, extend the bronchi and widen the blood vessel. Caffeine affects also the human behavior. It impresses the mood, attention, concentration as well as the intellectual capacity and sleep. The consume of coffee supplies the body with energy, by breaking the ATP bonds, the source of energy in our cells. The released energy is mostly used in increasing the function of brain as speaking, thinking hearing, not the body.

The regular amount of caffeine help the people to continue the task, which require high attention because it increase the alertness and reduce the sleepiness. The drivers, who travel nights, usually drink coffee to avoid the short naps and sleep. It is observed also that they did not make any deviation from the side of the road....

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..., which is responsible for the headaches. Also the pharmacological studies have concluded that caffeine increase the absorption of acetaminophen and aspirin. That is the reason why caffeine is as ingredient in headaches drugs. For a long time the folk medicine have used coffee for treatment of mild moderate migraine and tension caused by headaches.
The high caffeine intake help in reducing the risk of Parkinson disease. The recent researches support the believe that coffee protects against neuro- generative diseases. A conclusion of 26 studies in years 2010 have all the same result: “The high doses of caffeine is associated with less risk for Parkinson Disease”. Other studies have discovered that caffeine reduce the development of physiological sequence movement disorder. The effect is same in both sexes, but it become stronger if women take additional hormone.

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