Effects Of Caffeine On Our Mind And Body Essay examples

Effects Of Caffeine On Our Mind And Body Essay examples

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Caffeine, it is a word and matter that we consume daily, especially on a college campus. But, how many times do we think about the effect it is having, both on our mind and body? By the looks of infinite trashcans filled with emptied Starbucks latte cups probably not much. Many studies have been done on what the effects, pros, cons, etc. are on this oh so popular substance. My hope is to show some facts about what is going on in the world and studies of caffeine, as well as what I believe the word of God as well says on the topic.
Before I get started with some facts, I want to include my story on the topic. It was freshman year, and I was admitted into the world of caffeine. Day after day I added an extra shot of espresso to my already concentrated coffee drink, my day was utterly ruined if I couldn’t get my hands on the energizing beverage and the influence of my friends was likewise. One day, though, in my tired state I had an epiphany (courtesy of the Holy Spirit), “I’m being controlled by caffeine (coffee).” My daily happiness rode on the shoulders of a temporary substance. My eyes were then opened, to that awareness that my friends too were being controlled, many still are. I have experienced many dirty looks and bad attitudes from students just because of their lack of caffeine.
To continue, Psalms 55:22 says, “ Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you.” (NIV) So if the Lord will sustain us and carry us through, why do we need to let the joy of our day revolve around a drug-like substance? Now, I’m not bashing caffeine, I still love having coffee with a girlfriend or the occasional glass of soda, but I don’t like being controlled by it. A study, by the University of Vermont, explores the similarities of caf...

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...rse effects such as general toxicity, cardiovascular effects, effects on bone status and calcium balance (with consumption of adequate calcium).” Even though it is stating some health benefits of taking certain amounts of caffeine, taking it through natural B-12 vitamins and fruits and veggies is still the best way to get your daily dose of energy.
In conclusion, Isaiah 40:29 says, “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” So, instead of making excuses for our daily lives to revolve around how soon we can get to the nearest Starbucks, why not rely on the energy and strength of our very capable God? In His Word, He begs us to share our daily burden of tiredness, fatigue, and stress. Yes, I do think that drinking coffee is okay, and I enjoy it too! But, let us not allow our loss of caffeine to make a negative impact on those around us.

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