The Effects Of Bullying On Public Schools Essay

The Effects Of Bullying On Public Schools Essay

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Bullying has become a serious problem in public schools systems. Being a victim of bullying is a daily struggle for some students. The issue continues to grow, but the question is how to stop bullying from occurring. Many ways have been attempted to stop bullying, but some are more effective than others. Having the students get involved seems to have the most positive effect on the bullying issue in public school systems.
The Youth Voice Research Project conducted a survey and 13,000 students in grades 5-12 took this survey during the 2009 academic year. The survey showed that 73% pretended it did not bother them while 67% told a friend or friends. Majority of students stated that telling the bully to stop themselves actually made the situation worse. The guidance counselor, Charisse Nixon, at James H. Bean Elementary School in Sidney, Maine states "What tended to work best for mistreated youth was seeking support from friends and adults" (Nixon 4). Nixon also states "Our survery responses indicate that when young people feel included by their peers, they are less likely to be hurt by the bullying" (Nixon 6). Students being bullied feel more confident when they have a peer that is standing up for them and showing them that what the bully is saying/doing is not important and is not the victim 's fault.
Bullying can have many effects on the victim. It can make them not pay attention in their classes, it can keep them from coming to school period, and also can cause victims to take their own lives sometimes because they cannot take the pain and stress of being bullied. Victims must know that they should report any acts of bullying occurring. Unfortunately, sometimes the situation is addressed too late. Theories have been made abo...

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...of bullying going on is very important because bullying is less likely to happen when adults are around. Teaching the students the value of being a nice person when they are young may help them to become a nice adult.
Victims must know that they should report any acts of bullying occurring. Unfortunately, sometimes the situation is adressed too late. Theories have been made about why bullies bully. The most common theory is that bullies like power and control. (Ehiorobo, 2) Anyway to to try an stop bullying is a positive solution, but along with many other issues, some solutions are more effective. In this case, students stepping up to the plate and being their for their peers has shown to be the most effective. Getting students to participate,along with support from adults, could be the solution on starting to eliminate this serious problem happening world wide.

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