The Effects Of Body Images On Women Essay

The Effects Of Body Images On Women Essay

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Literature Review: The effects of body images presented in the media, concerning women
Body images has always been somewhat of a concern to women, especially to those that are obsessed with beauty or those that feel insecure about themselves. Since the presence of mass media, the influence of body images and appearance played an important role amongst women. This topic is about the effects of mass media portrayals of body images amongst women. The purpose of this review is not to demonize the media or single-out a specific gender; it is to inform people about how women are effected by body images in the media. This review will discuss three aspects of body images in the media; first will be the risks that it possess to women health such as, eating disorder, and extreme dieting. The second, will be the gender role and stereotypes that the media has formed for women, such as, how women are to behave, dress and other expectations that are needed of them. The third and last aspect will look into media literacy if it is effective or not.
Body dissatisfaction, eating disorder, and startling diets
Media body images causes great body dissatisfaction amongst women of all ages and body sizes. An article by Gemma Lopez- Guimera and colleagues on the “Influence of mass media on body image and eating disordered attitudes and behaviors in females: A review of effects and processes” states that “women feel more dissatisfied with their body when they see images of thin beauty ideals than when they see images women with average body size” (394). This is because real images of average looking women don’t make average women feel insecure about their body. A survey from 1999 found that 69% of adolescent girls’ conception of the ideal ...

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...ervention of media literacy to women, the media still effects them emotionally and physiologically.
To conclude this literature review of body images presented in the media concerning women, it is obvious to say that the media has a big impact on how women judge themselves, how they judge other women and how others judge them. The influence of the media in society is one that is unbounded and seems to affect us in every corner of our lives. It is shaping our lives every day, changing how we see, feel and think about things and thus, guides our reactions as well. The media is not something that began out of thin air, it is something we invented to share information around more rapidly, and if we are careful and aware of the damages it can cause, such as those I went over in this review, we will be able to control it better and prevent further damages.

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