The Effects Of Birth Order, Perception Of Parenting Style And Family Size On Educational Performance

The Effects Of Birth Order, Perception Of Parenting Style And Family Size On Educational Performance

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The purpose of this study was to analyze, examine and evaluate the effects of birth order, perception of parenting style and family size on educational performance. All participants of this study were administered three surveys, in sequence, which consisted of general family and personal information, parenting styles and psychological birth order inventory. After the initial surveys were completed, all participants were administered a demographics questionnaire prior to being debriefed on the study and allowed to exit the testing facility. Question styles for participants ranged from open-ended, closed-ended and nominal throughout the three surveys. While there were no control or experimental groups in this study, participants were able to choose between a face-to-face survey session or an online survey session. As researchers created timeslots during a two-week data collection period, participants were allowed to choose his or her preference of testing dates and times through SONA. To analyze and compute the findings, the research group viewed, identified and analyzed group differences between parent age and student’s high school GPA, first-born children and only child status in relation to academic performance, and parenting style in relation to GPA. Findings for the three hypotheses were proven to be non-significant, however there were slight indications that led research members to believe the statistics could be in the direction hypothesized if more participants would have been recruited, especially for hypothesis 3. Hypothesis 3 was the only hypothesis in which previous research supported the idea that first-borns do better academically than other birth orders.
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...others suggested they would be more likely to closely supervise a child who brought home a worse-than-expected report (Hotz, & Pantanoa, 2015). With a more authoritarian approach to parenting, mothers tend to have higher expectations for their eldest children and due to these expectations first-born children were more likely to have higher achievement levels in their education (Hotz, V., & Pantano, J.), whereas in a more relaxed parenting style that would not be the case. There was also stricter parenting and academic relation with a parent having more rules about TV watching and video game playing with bad performance on academics as reported by Hotz et al (2015). However, more conflicting results were seen in the analysis of each parenting style and their participant’s enrollment in honors courses showed no significant relationship (Hines & Holcomb-McCoy 2013).

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