Effects Of Birth Defects On Children Essay

Effects Of Birth Defects On Children Essay

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Davenport 1
Jasmine Davenport
Professor France-Davis
English Composition I
06 may 2015
What factors can lead to birth defects in new born children?
Child birth is the start of a new life that all women encounter. Birth defects are physical abnormalities that can be present at birth. Birth defects can result from causes such as cigarette smoking, women of older age, and alcohol. Birth defects can have a major impact on a child’s livelihood. Birth defects can hinder children in acute and major ways. There is nothing worse than seeing a child with abnormalities that he/she had no control of. Birth defects play a major role in a mother’s life while raising the child. Children born with birth defects require more time, attention, and medical care than a child born without any birth defects. Everyone wants a healthy baby but cigarette smoking, women of older age, and alcohol can lead to a child born with birth defects.
Cigarette smoking is a leading cause in children born with birth defects. Smoking is harmful not only to a person and their child but to other people around. According to Moylan, “Maternal smoking during pregnancy (MSDP) is associated with numerous adverse outcomes in children. These occur in physical, cognitive, and behavioral domains, including stillbirth , lowered birth weight, childhood asthma, obesity , intelligence, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and conduct problems” (Moylan 1). The effects that come with smoking can be deadly to the parent and child. {} Smoking can affect the internal organs of the body including the throat, colon, gall bladder and liver. The chemicals made in cigarette smoking can be toxic and harmful. The
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smoke in a mother body stops the flow of oxygen and the nicotine causes blood v...

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... safe life. The effects of how a mother takes care of her body while pregnant can have life-long effects on the child. Alcohol, women of an older age and smoking are some of the many factors that can lead to a child being born with birth defects. All of these underlying causes can be prevented if the mother choses wisely in her decisions that she makes. No mother should want to know that she is the cause of her child being born with Down-syndrome, low birth weight, still birth, or even cancer. The best way to prevent these effects is if the women take care of her body. Taking care of your health and body means eating healthy, exercising regularly, and taking your prenatal vitamins. Also, to not be near anyone or anything that can be bad for the mother and child. A mother’s job is to be a protector and provide all the necessary requirements to ensure a healthy baby.

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