Essay on The Effects Of Being Raised Bilingual On American Public Schools

Essay on The Effects Of Being Raised Bilingual On American Public Schools

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In San Antonio it’s not uncommon to hear toddlers switching from broken English to broken Spanish in their speech. In the last consensus, the San Antonio population was reported as 59% having a Hispanic/Latino background. With people of a Hispanic background composing the majority of the population, most kids are raised being educated bilingually. The question is, is this a bad thing or a good thing? A claim made by some American public school educators is that when a child is raised being equally educated on both languages, his learning skills in language development and other subjects suffer and only one language should be taught to a developing child. The validity of this claim will be addressed such as the evidence that supports or debunks it, the cognitive effects of being raised bilingual, and what would happen if a licensed psychologist outwardly supported this claim during a therapy session.
Most people in the world are bilingual or multilingual, most learning these different languages from a young age. Early studies done investigating the claim that learning different languages at an early developing age negatively affects cognition came to the conclusion that bilingual children preformed poorly on cognition tests when compared to their counterparts who were raised only speaking one language. However, these studies were later criticized for “not controlling for social class or educational opportunities” (Mio 122) leading to biased results. Later studies in the 1970’s came to the conclusion that bilingual children actually scored higher on various tests measuring intelligence types in comparison to their monolingual counterparts. Price-Williams and Ramirez ( 1977) “suggest that this performance might be the result of inc...

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...oes for bilingual parents timid of educating their children bilingually in fear of them suffering negative effects in school. This is especially true when considering the later effects of being bilingual, such as better job opportunities and pay, better sense of identity, higher self-esteem, lower chances of cognitive decline, protection against Alzheimer’s and dementia, better communication between them and those around them, greater analytic orientation to language, better creativity, greater perception flexibility, and the greater neuroplasticity that was mentioned before. If anything, being educated bilingually from the beginning of a child’s awareness of language should be supported rather than rallied against as the American public school educators did. Although there may be a few miniscule short-term effects, the positive effects are massive and long lasting.

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