The Effects Of Alcoholism On Health And Public Health Issues Essay

The Effects Of Alcoholism On Health And Public Health Issues Essay

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Alcoholism also called Alcohol use disorder is the use of alcohol up to a point where there is problems in controlling alcohol use, preoccupied with alcohol, continued usage of alcohol even when it causes problems and development of withdrawal symptoms when there is a rapid decrease in alcohol use (WHO).Alcoholism is one of major problems in Australia and also around the globe, according to WHO alcohol use in Australia is lower than some African, Asian countries and European countries however it is the second major cause of preventable hospitalisation and death in Australia after tobacco.
A research done by National Dug Strategy Households in 2010 found that 7.2% of Australians drank alcohol daily and males drank twice as much daily more than females
Alcoholism is widespread leading to many problems in an individual perspective and also in the society as a whole, alcohol-use disorders play a major role in the mental and public health issues in Australia such as hence needing urgent attention. A report by National Health and Medical Research Council 2013 say that Australians who drink alcohol do it in a way that there are minimal adverse effects however any level of alcohol consumption increases the risks of injuries or ill health associated with it hence a lot has to be done to minimise alcohol related negative effects.
The report says and I have also observed that excessive consumption of alcohol is major cause of road accidents and fatalities, in the last couple of years there has been an improvement in Australian road safety whereby there is a reduction in annual fatalities from drink and driving. A Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development report explains that by 2013 there was a reduct...

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...ernment has committed itself in making sure the safety and health of communities is maintained by minimising the dangers related to alcohol and drug use under the National Drug Strategy 2010-2015.The government has allocated an excess of $200 million to alcohol and drug research and various prevention activities.
Australian drug foundation has also played a big role in making sure there is a healthy and strong community by preventing alcohol and drug related problems by setting up grassroots prevention programs which can have significant impact on alcohol consumption reduction. It targets people who are at a higher risk of suffering from an alcohol or drug related problem by preventing the development of the problem and also help those people who have an existing disability,disease or a medical condition overcome it.
Some of the proposals which

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