The Effects Of Alcohol Addiction On The Family Essays

The Effects Of Alcohol Addiction On The Family Essays

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In America, more and more families are becoming more familiar with alcohol abuse. This addiction can lead to broken families, job loss, and abuse. Many people believe that it only affects the one with the problem, but this addiction almost anyone in the family, including friends and co-workers.
Alcohol addiction can be caused be a traumatic experience in the family. Whether it be death or divorce, people are looking for a way to handle the situation. Some members of the family may handle it better than others, while some develop habits to cope with the changes. This addiction affects the family in many ways. One way it affects them is abuse. When someone has been drinking too much, they tend to get more aggressive. If someone gets in their way, or does something they do not particularly like, they may add force to get their way. Another problem that may occur is financial issues. When someone spends all of their time and money on alcohol, there will not be any money left for bills of necessities. This could cause a decline in the family 's financial status. This addiction can...

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