Essay on Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On The Body

Essay on Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On The Body

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Alcohol abuse that continues and becomes a habit can result in long-term effects on the body. If this abuse continues, it can result in physiological, psychological, and social consequences. As a person’s blood-alcohol level rises with continued consumption, the physiological effects of alcohol cause lowered self-consciousness and may damage a person. These individuals are incapable of consenting to any sexual act. A person that is under the influence can lose control of their body, allowing the alcohol to take over (Bliss 1). Abusing alcoholic beverages can result in long-term effects on an individuals’ health; for example, it can affect the liver, brain, and has a possibility of leading to death. Alcohol can cause many different health problems to your body, this includes your lungs. Consuming alcohol can result in your body being infected and likely to catch a virus because of the decrease of the immune system (Simet 1). “The most common consequence of long-term alcohol abuse is liver disease” (Alcoholic 1). The liver is the second largest organ and it performs many jobs in a human body. This organ is capable of processing what is eaten or drank into energy and nutrients for the body to use. Liver disease genuinely begins with hepatitis and ends with cirrhosis. If this disease is left untreated, it is life-threatening and the damage may become irreversible. “Alcohol hepatitis is characterized by fat deposition in liver cells, inflammation, and scarring of the liver” (Liver Foundation 1). Statistics show that between 10 percent and 20 percent of heavy drinkers develop alcoholic hepatitis and of these 55 percent already have cirrhosis (Liver Foundation 1). Unfortunately, cirrhosis cannot be reversed with abstinence; although, abs...

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...holic 1). As a result of alcohol poisoning, the respiratory system and other bodily functions may become too depressed to function properly which can cause an individual to go into a comatose state or even death. Abusing alcohol can cause unpleasant sleep disruptions; inexperienced drinkers sleep more soundly after one or two drinks, however, alcohol has the opposite effect on experienced drinkers (Alcoholic 1). Unfortunately, this can lead to insomnia and sleep deprivation. Last mentioned, but definitely not the last short-term effect of alcohol abuse, ataxia. Alcohol is thought of to effect the cerebellum, which is responsible for bodily movement. A person that is under the influence may be unable to move in a coordinated fashion. Even though these short-term effects do not seem as bad as the others, one may never know what happened during the alcohol abusing time.

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