Essay on The Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On A Family

Essay on The Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On A Family

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There is something in this earth that each of us hold dear. For some, it could be friends or family, an old blanket, or perhaps a stuffed animal. For others it could be cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol. The choices that we make not only affect ourselves, but also affect the people we care about. In the short stories “The Farm” by Joy Williams and “Balto” by Coraghessan Boyle, we see the effects that alcohol can have on a person. We can also deduce from these short stories the effects that alcohol can have on a family as well. There are many problems that arise from alcohol abuse. The three main focal points in these two short stories are the deterioration of the family, the breakdown of communication between spouses, and infidelity that happened between the spouses.
Raising a family is never easy. However raising a family and being an alcoholic make things even harder. Having an alcohol addiction can be detrimental to a family and cause it to fall apart.
Sarah poured a little more gin in her glass and went upstairs with her to brush out her hair and put her to bed. Martha had long, thick black hair of which she was very proud. On that night she wore it in a ponytail secured by an elasticized holder…Sarah’s fingers were clumsy and she could not get it off without pulling Martha’s hair and making her cry. She got a pair of scissors and carefully began snipping at the stubborn elastic. The scissors were large, like shears, and they had been difficult to handle. A foot of Martha’s gathered hair had abruptly fallen to the floor. Sarah remembered trying to pat it back into place on the child’s head. (Williams, 611).
This quote from “The Farm” makes one wonder how a mother could do this to her daughter. This simple task of combing your d...

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...rching theme being that alcohol abuse is harmful not only to one’s self but to the people around them. In “The Farm” it ended in a fifteen year olds death. In “Balto” It ended with a child of eleven years old behind the wheel of a car and almost killing someone. Good and evil are usually not black and white in this world, there always seems to be a bigger gray area. To say that these characters that drink are evil is putting it harshly. However to say that they are not in the wrong is also incorrect. They all reside in the gray area. Where they do not believe they were doing anything remarkably wrong. There are always two sides to a coin, light and darkness. It is up to the individual to chose what path they take. Will they choose the blanket or the stuffed animal to cherish in their lives? Or will they chose the alcohol and watch as everything around them crumbles.

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