The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Human Body Essay examples

The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Human Body Essay examples

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The effects and causes of Air Pollution
Air is vital to the human body, it provides us with oxygen, which is necessary for our bodies to function, but the question that rises is what if this air is contaminated. Subsequently, breathing may become difficult which in turn can lead to many health problems. Clearly, air pollution is a significant subject of matter that has been around for hundreds of years. There are numerous explanations to why air pollution occurs, but it is mainly a consequence of unnatural substances. In addition, these artificial matters are entering the atmosphere. Mostly, air pollution occurs from gases and particles carried by the air, such as dust and pollen and if there is too much of it can be damaging to the health, ecosystems and buildings (Brunekreef & Holgate, 2002). Clearly, these substances released by air pollution are mainly due to human actions that in the end create problems for animals, plants, and humans themselves.
Meteorological Causes
The phenomenon of air pollution occurs through natural and manufactured ways, which enters the human body and triggers severe consequences on the health. Countless types of pollution comprise of acid rain and the ozone layer having holes in it (Welch, 2013). Burning fuel for energy is one of the leading causes for air pollution. For instance, this burning fuel is exhausted from means of transportation, homes and industries. Even having a barbeque can cause air pollution because of the wood burning (Welch, 2013). This is surprising since when one is driving their car or having a barbeque, the individual is unaware that they are causing air pollution, which ironically having an effect on themselves as well. Likewise, the air pollution could also b...

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...ecause it cuts the pollution instigated by waste. Evidently, this is imperative because by recycling you are reducing the amount of energy that is going to be consumed since making an item out of raw material require lots of energy (EPA, 2011). Clearly, recycling diminishes the necessity to create raw supplies.

It is apparent that air pollution is harmful to the health. What is astonishing is that individuals themselves are causing this upon them, if more people become aware of the effects air pollution causes there would be less respiratory and cardiovascular problems. It may cause a slight troublesomeness for some individuals but eventually, if everybody comes together to solve the problem, there could be a definite decline in air pollution. Everyone can make a substantial modification to preserve the environment and protect human health.

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